Cool Temps still in Rocky Point

Want to find some cool temps with ocean breezes below 90?   Rocky Point is still sporting temps in the 80s and the pleasant breezes are really being enjoyed by many tourists, out on the beaches and near the pools.   The Sea of Cortez is warming up, but still a refreshing temperature.   It feels just about right, in contrast to those freezing beaches in California!   The cool temps in Rocky Point can ensure a great vacation for your family.

We were thrilled to arrive in Puerto Penasco, aka Rocky Point this past week, to find the temperature gauge in our car to be going down, down, down, from 118 to 85 when we reached Rocky Point!   What a thrill to be able to sit outside again and enjoy our morning coffee, lunch and evening  happy hour.   We thought our fun was over when we hit 118 in Phoenix, where it felt like a blast furnace when you walked out the door.    The temperature was actually painful when embarking on any chores outside in Phoenix.   Who needs chores when there are so many fun activities in Rocky Point?   Be sure to check out  for more ways to play in Mexico.

While we know that the humidity will keep climbing, we are sure taking advantage of the pleasant breezes.   The beaches are packed, with tourists from AZ, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California and many families from Mexico too.   The Sea of Cortez has become Arizona’s closest ocean beach and the abundance of Sea Life makes it so enjoyable to walk the beach and search the tide pools for all kinds of sea critters, sand dollars and shells.   With cool daytime temperatures, mile long beach walks are the perfect exercise and stress reliever.   Nothing like the sound of the surf to ensure a sense of serenity.    We are so thankful to our God for providing our paradise here in Puerto Penasco.

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