Las Palomas Phase III Moving Forward

We are pleased to announce that Las Palomas Phase III is now moving forward with construction plans!   The new oceanfront condos are an updated and modernized version of the top quality condos at Las Palomas that everyone already knows and loves.

The luxurious large and open condo floor plans will continue to be the envy of Puerto Penasco with a variety of plans to fit everyone’s needs.  The condo floor plans offer a variety of sizes with one common goal:  Fantastic ocean views!

One bedroom ranges from 876 square feet to 1064 square feet.   Sweeping balconies range from 153 square feet to 362 square feet.   One of the highlights of the 1 bedroom plans is the number of bathrooms, 2!!   Imagine the convenience of 2 bathrooms in a one bedroom condo.

Two bedroom floor plans are spacious an offer great ocean views   Sizes range from 1424 to the larger plans over 1800 square feet.

With over 2000 square feet, the 3 BR condos make comfortable beach living a reality!   Imagine an interior with 2200 square feet and a balcony with over 1100 square feet.   Large families will be lounging in comfort, inside and out!

A private beach area will be available with palapas and lounge areas for relaxing the while watching the beautiful Sea of Cortez.   Swimming pools and hot tubs will complement the already existing pools throughout the resort.

Low E windows, Energy star appliances, and efficient cooling systems help make these smart condos.   Glass balconies add to the sleek modern look.

With rental investment at Las Palomas being second to none, investors will be anxious to add LPP3 to their portfolio.    Las Palomas has an excellent track record of solid rentals that have been attracting tourists to our beautiful Rocky Point for many years.   Many tourists are finding Rocky Point to be a welcoming destination with better beaches and more modest prices than can be found elsewhere.   With more and more visitors from California, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Baja and Chihuahua, condo rentals are a perfect way for a family to invest in their own future with a condo investment they can enjoy themselves.

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