Rocky Point Features Springtime Relaxation and Fun For the Family!

Here we are, enjoying another gorgeous spring in our beautiful seaside town of Rocky Point, aka Puerto Penasco, Mexico.    Sitting on the northern edge of the Sea of Cortez, Rocky Point shares much of the same weather as Phoenix AZ, but it combines sumptuous ocean breezes with the warm sunshine.   Today for instance, instead of the 95 degrees in Phoenix, we are loving 77 cool degrees on the beach.   No competition, we choose the beach!

Not surprisingly, there are a lot of people here again, visiting families, friends, and past associates in the many restaurants and stores in Penasco.  The beaches are alive again with people walking, splashing, playing with the kids, and walking their dogs.   Renting jetskis and riding the banana boats and buying from beach vendors is helping to heal our local economy.  With much of the labor force depending on tourism, the Spring season brings new hope and opportunity back to our city.  

We are also seeing many more condo sales as people escape the drudgery of the Pandemic, to escape to the beaches in Mexico.   People are rediscovering the opportunity to own an investment property in Mexico where they can come down and play when they can, and then rent it out when they can’t be in Mexico.   This gives many people the change to make some extra money toward to the costs of the condo, while building up a nice investment for their family.   

Don’t forget all the wonderful mission activities that take place in Penasco.  Many church groups, as well as individuals, bring food, clothing, or cash, and come to help the local people who may need food or housing or  Christian encouragement.   

Be sure to check out our beautiful community and relax and enjoy the friendly people!

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