Sonora Arizona Commission to be in Puerto Penasco

The Sonora Arizona Commission will be held in Puerto Penasco, aka Rocky Point Mexico beginning  November 30.     As Jorge Valdez, Municipal Economic Development Director of Puerto Penasco, states, the Commission meeting should encourage greater economic growth in this region.   We hope to see an agreement between AZ Governor Doug Ducey, and Sonora’s Governor Claudia Pavlovich that will describe an ongoing working relationship.

There are multiple meetings during the Sonora Arizona Commission, with a Real Estate meeting that typically is of interest to local realtors.  Purchasing property in Mexico is of interest to many US citizens.   Buying beachfront property on the Sea of Cortez is a privilege many Americans enjoy.   For more information on buying property in Mexico, see the website

We are hoping for an update to the Home Port Construction in Rocky Point as a result of the meetings, which begin on November 30 and last through Dec 1.   This would be amazing news for Rocky Point, as this would be the only Home Cruise Port to be built in Mexico.   With cruisers coming from Arizona, New Mexico, California,  and all the Southwestern states of the US, as well as people from Sonora Mexico, this will be a terrific port of departure.

Cruising the Sea of Cortez

The Sea of Cortez is a fabulous cruise destination by itself.    With an abundance of Sea Life and cultural ports emphasizing some of the quaint smaller ports in Mexico, cruisers can also enjoy access to cruises that head toward the Pacific.   One of our favorite ports was Laredo, a small Colonial city with  amazing people, culture, crafts, and food.   Another favorite port on our Sea of Cortez cruise was Topalabompo which afforded us the opportunity to take a train tour up to the Copper Canyon.   Larger than the US Grand Canyon, the Copper Canyon was beautiful and the indigenous people were friendly and talented, showing us their native dances and crafts.

Rocky Point Real Estate Investment

How about a real estate investment that pays off with improved family time, including hanging out on the beach overlooking the Sea of Cortez?   Just imaging watching the waves from your beach chair, as the kids build sand castles, and your condo or beach home is appreciating in value?    What a way to make money!!

Stuck at work next weekend?    With your condo in the rental pool, make some extra cash to help with expenses.    The property management company will clean your condo, take care of minor maintenance issues, and manage the reservations.    Just plan out your schedule with the dates your family will be in Puerto Penasco, and the rest is available for rent.      If you want to make even more money on your real estate investment, you can build your own website to send more renters to your condo.    With rental numbers up 15% from last year, at Las Palomas your condo will see maximum returns as renters have rediscovered why we all love Mexico.

What other real estate investment pays off with family time dividends?   Your family will call you hero they can bring their friends and live it up on the beach.   Cook in your own kitchen or eat at the many great restaurants in Rocky Point.   Las Palomas has a fantastic breakfast featuring fresh omelets, fresh fruit, burritos, homemade pastries, fresh fruit juices, meats, and more for only $13 for adults.   What a great deal, no driving, just walk up and eat, then head back to the beach.

Want to see the prices for this great investment, please check out our website for details and prices  Condos and Homes for Sale in Rocky Point